Brigade's Worm CYOA V6

Original CYOA Brigade's Mod

Two entities spiral through space, past stars and planets alike. Their parts shift between dimensions. Approaching a world, one you recognize as Earth, they shatter into hundreds of millions of pieces into millions of Earths. The shattered pieces, shards of the entities, take root on empty Earths before bonding with humans. Humans at their lowest, who would go on to learn through conflict. Through this, they would advance the entity. Something went wrong with their cycle this time. A mistake causes the more intelligent of the entities to crash into a planet where it is, not long after, put down. The entity's shards remain, in the hands of those who wish the death of the other entity, but things are not so easy. Even with all the Parahumans, those bonded with the entities' shards, working in perfect unison, humanity would stand no chance against the remaining entity in a fight. However, you may change that. You had the luck to be born in a world with an unrestricted Precog who didn't know he was one; Wildbow aka John C. McCrae. Unfortunately, your whole universe is a blindspot for all Thinkers sans the entity itself. Wildbow's predictions, while perfect, do not account for your shared universe's existence. Your shared universe is many years ahead of Earth Aleph and Bet, where it is still 2011, or even earlier. One day a portal opened up under you while you slept... An alien with a grudge against the Entity decided to make you into something that can stop your species' destruction at the hands of the entities, as had happened to his own species, or at the very least ensure that the Entity died. Its name roughly translates to Last One. Disclaimer: I don't own Worm, Ward, or any of their characters. All rights to those go to John C. McCrae aka Wildbow. This is merely a non-profit fanwork. I made none of the pictures in this CYOA and their rights go to their respective artists. I am planning on finding out as many of the artists as I can, and I'll list the names they go by here: pabel and Nine, Super WhiteV, Togizz, JK ↓,, ⸸ Mafia, Blueblurapple, Carl Rosendahl, Pavel Tomashevskiy, shim, Velspar, Cyrix, Lonsheep, MonsterLover12, TheStarlitOrangeTree, aerryi, christoefour, Carlos (karu3d) García, Robert Zietara, Tomasz Jedruszek. If you know the name any of the artists use, please send me a message on Reddit, along with which picture(s) they made. Real Author: PixelGMS (On Reddit and or SoundByte (On SufficientVelocity and Spacebattles) I'm fine with anyone using this as a basis to make their own CYOA as long as they give me credit where credit is due. Remade in HTML by: Brigade Additional Content by: Glyphicus Additional Ideas from: Aldar, Amon_Day, BenFang322, Chrissy, gralan, Ido, Minoke, Neo, Ner0, Nicolie, pishSandwich, Punchingtucan, and Umbra


1.) This is an Interactive CYOA. This means you need to click any option you're taking. 2.) When something says Incompatible: or Required: followed by a single item, and it does this multiple times, then it means each of those items are required or incompatible. If it has Incompatible: or Required: and then multiple items with commas inbetween them, that means that only one of those items are required. 3.) Some sections have requirements that aren't shown for the sake of space. Make sure you've checked every tab before moving on to the next section.



Meta (Target)

Who are your choices affecting?

Meta (Awareness)

Were these choices made by the target? If so, in what form did they make their choices?



Each section in the alignment section reflects yourself and your plans for the future. This is not an absolute scale, just a rough approximation. You can change your alignment, and your bonus will change with it. Feel free to bend the definitions quite a bit.

Lawful Alignment

Lawful Alignment regards how you view the law, rules, and your willingness to be lead by others.

Moral Alignment

Moral Alignment regards how selfish and kind you are.

Cape Alignment

Cape Alignment regards which side you fall on in the game of Capes. If you act in a way that blatantly goes against your chosen role, you will lose the benefits. You will not get the benefits from whatever your new role is.


The portal completely tore you apart until only your consciousness remained. This area is for opening and closing areas relating to your new body. [Author's Note: I suggest just pressing Open All. This is mostly just for my convenience.]


How are you going to survive the loss of your body?


How old is your body? Answer: Negative something seconds old, it hasn't been created yet. How old is your body going to look, though? Your body will biologically be that old. As long as it fits the chosen age range, you can choose the exact age


Your sex, aka whether your body is male, female, or other.


Your consciousness is being tweaked to be compatible with your chosen body, so you don't need to spend months trying to figure out how to move your body correctly. While you're at it, do you want to change your gender? (Gender is what you identify as.)


This won't get very specific, only very general. As long as it fits your choices, you can choose to look however you want. What do you look like?


You've chosen to character-insert into someone you know of from Wildbow's predictions. Who will it be? All data is assuming it's April 8, 2011. If you choose a Scenario prior to your chosen person's birth, you will awaken when your brain first develops in the womb. You will not go insane from this. Warning: If you character-insert into a member of the Protectorate, Wards, or New Wave, you will likely be put under M/S protocols either due to Gallant's sudden inability to read your emotions and/or Panacea's sudden inability to see your brain, or the fact that Gallant can still see your emotions and Panacea can still see your brain causing them to believe you've been Mastered (mind controlled).





What do you do as a civilian? You gain the memories and skills of the person you reincarnate as, so as long as they had the prerequisite knowledge, you do too.


What is your job? You have the necessary/prerequisite skills and knowledge for any option you take here.


Where do you go to school? If it's Summer, this is where you're going to school at the start of the next school year. You have the necessary/prerequisite skills and knowledge for any option you take here.

Home Life

What is your life like outside of education/work?


Powers are granted through connecting to shards of the entities. Which type of Shard do you have?

Shard Ranking

How powerful is your Shard? This effects the maximum strength of powers you can receive.

Be The Shard

Is being placed into the world of Worm to much for you? How about I turn you into a massive crystalline supercomputer instead. As a Shard you will be granting your powers to a host instead.

Shard Perks And Drawbacks

As a shard you have several innate abilities. You can perceive everything your host can; You can understand everything they are thinking as well. You have an innate understanding of the powers you can give out and the mechanics by which they operate. this lets you use thinker powers you have chosen. You can communicate with shards in their system of communication. If any of your hosts are in a cluster with other parahumans than you have a connection both to the shards and parahumans in the cluster. You can use your perks from this section on those cluster members at a weakened strength. You have a finite ability to access energy. Some perks use this energy. You can store energy for later use.

Some perks grant you additional abilities as a shard. These perks gain text in this color.

Shard Influence

You are pushed toward conflict by your Shard. How bad is it? If you choose no options here, your Shard will not alter your personality in any way, shape, or form. Your Shard might still push you toward conflict through strengthening your powers during times of conflict. These can all be improved through therapy and effort.

Power Drawbacks

Your shard failed to properly create your power. If you take no options here than I will repair it to fix your power.

Point Conversion

Do you need some more points to get what you want? Trade all you like.


Perks are side-effects of either your power or your travel to Earth Bet that benefit you


Drawbacks are side-effects of either your power or your travel to Earth Bet that harm or hinder you.


You will find that you've had skills downloaded into your mind, kinda like the Matrix. Choose what skills, if any, you've installed. By default, if applicable, your new body will have the muscle memory of having done this skill.


Weapons are commonly used by Capes. Regardless of what you choose here, you can still get a weapon once you're on Earth Bet. If a type of weapon fits multiple categories, you only need to choose one.


Things like a phone, a Cape costume, etc. You can choose whether each physical item is sent to a warehouse where you can retrieve it at a later date, if they'll be teleported to your person, or if they'll be teleported to your house/dorm. You will know the location of the warehouse, and no one will steal or destroy your stuff before you retrieve them.

Secret Base


How large is your base? This affects the maximum number of rooms.


How hidden is your 'secret' base? This determines how easy it is for others to find your base.


What kinds of rooms does your base have?


Open and close power-related sections. [Author's Note: I suggest just pressing Open All. This is mostly just for my own convenience.]

Power Classifications

The following text is copied from the Worm wiki, Mover - An ability that enhances mobility. Shaker - An ability with an area of effect. Brute - An ability that grants enhanced strength or durability. Breaker - An ability that allows the cape to shift into another state. Master - An ability that allows a cape to control others or create minions. Tinker - An ability that allows a cape to create or alter devices with futuristic technology. (Tinker Technology includes black boxes in it that make it very difficult to reproduce.) Blaster - A ranged, offensive ability. Thinker - An ability that focuses on information gathering. Striker - An ability that is melee-ranged or touch-based. Changer - An ability that allows the cape to alter their form or appearance. Trump - An ability that allows the cape to manipulate powers in some capacity. Stranger - An ability that focuses on stealth or infiltration. You can Second Trigger to make your powers more powerful or versatile, but it requires a traumatic event. If you had an actual trigger event, then the nature of the trauma must be similar to that.

Tier 4 Powers

These powers do not require Shards. One of these isn't even enough to make you a street-level Cape on its own, though if you're clever and skilled enough it might give you enough of an edge for you to succeed. These are all caused by your own biology, due to the effects of the dimensional transfer, so a biokinetic or biotinker might be able to remove these powers without touching your brain.

Tier 3 Powers

These powers are, while not weak, not something that would allow you to solo an Endbringer. You may take no more than 5, unless you have Less Limited Power.













Power Copy

You're copying the power of a Parahuman. Powers like Eidolon's or Glaistig Uaine's won't be here. Takes Tier 3 slots.

Combo Powers

Sometimes when you have multiple powers they'll combine into something stronger.

Tier 2 Powers

These powers are powerful enough to give you a fighting chance against an Endbringer, one on one. You may take no more than three, unless you have Less Limited Power.

Tier 1 Powers

These powers are definitely stronger than an Endbringer. They probably won't allow you to fight an entity by yourself, but they will definitely give you a much better chance. You may only choose one of these powers, unless you have Less Limited Power.

(Master) Custom Endbringer Powers

Endbringers are extremely durable with an even more durable core. If their core is destroyed, they die. Endbringers are extremely strong and fast. All their powers are leagues stronger than that of most Parahumans. They can use their senses without organs.

(Master) Custom Endbringer Appearance

(Changer) Custom Endbringer Powers

Endbringers are extremely durable with an even more durable core. If their core is destroyed, they die. Endbringers are extremely strong and fast. All their powers are leagues stronger than that of most Parahumans. They can use their senses without organs.